Undaunted, Still He Trusted

Several months ago I started a journey. I set out with an idea of an image that I was going to create. It became an extremely difficult process. There were many nights of restless sleep to none at all trying to figure out how to do it.

After so many failed attempts and way too many sleepless nights. I decided that I needed to abandoned this creation for now. While is was so close, I had to concede that what I was trying to do is beyond the scope of my ability at this point. More on that later.

As I pulled back and started to refocus, I quickly discovered something that I have never really contemplated. I do not think that I ever saw the story of Joseph Smith’s first vision through his eyes.

You see; I have always viewed that event from the point of view of knowing what happened in the sacred grove that day. He went to the grove and he saw God. For me, the result of the vision always over powered those simple emotions that Joseph must have had as he entered the grove. I don’t thing at this point that I ever tried to feel or see that day through the emotions of Joseph as he went into the grove to ask which church he should join.

He was young and innocent with unwavering faith. He trusted that God would give him an answer to which church to join. The question was that simple to him, just ask God.

With further reflection on my part, I felt that I needed to abandon my former idea for now focus on trying to capture Joseph’s emotions on that day. So I started to read, re-read and study his thoughts trying to see this event as if I was there with him. Here is my attempt to capture what I saw.

Photo copyright and credit Greg P Sargent.

“No painting of him could catch his expression, for his countenance was always changing to match his thoughts and feelings.”—Emma Smith

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